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NearBirds Team is pleased to welcome you to the World Cup Macedonia Krushevo 2014.

It will be the last stage of World Cup Tour 2014 in Europe and will be held in Macedonia- one of the best flying sites of the Balkans - the city of Krushevo. In 2012 in Krushevo was stage Paragliding World Cup ( results.) Popularity of Krushevo as a venue for paragliding competition is growing from year to year – here took place Ukrainian Open PrePWC,Ukrainian & Polish Open, Ukrainian & Russian Open Cup, Czech Open, Slovenia and Croatia -Krushevo Open, Nordic Open.

Also in Krushevo just before the World Cup will be staged Ukrainian Hungarian Open (July 18 - 26 , 2014), where you may participate and practice before World Cup (18 - 26 July 2014).

The unique weather conditions, mountains ridges and wide valleys allow to set challenging and long competition tasks.

NearBirds Team and main organizer Vladimir Perevalov